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  • Very helpful cookbook for new parents

    By Mlw79
    This is a great cookbook for new parents who want to feed their babies the healthiest foods available. The book explains the importance of proper nutrition and offers a large variety of simple recipes for babies up to 18 months old.
  • Great guide to making your own baby food

    By Chanelcham
    Great book on how to make your own baby food. It is great to have a guide to help walk you through how to make your own baby food so that you know what ingredients are being place in your young childs mouth. Plus it is a cheaper way to go. This book has helped me find what was best for my baby as well as different mixed and purees that I can use to enhance their nutrition and their taste buds
  • Fast and Fresh Baby Food Cookbook

    By grouchiegirl
    I love how this book gets straight to the heart of making baby food from scratch! There is a short introduction to help us understand why fresh is best and then we jump right into recipes that are arranged according to your baby's age from 4 months all the way to 18 months. Each age range is introduced by discussing developmental milestones. And the title doesn't lie - the recipes are ridiculously simple! The only recipes that don't sound good are the ones where meat, vegetables, and fruit are all pureed together. Other than that, this is a helpful tool for getting off to a great start!
  • Perfect for a new mom

    By EmorieRoonie
    Chapter one is about using the freshest ingredients listing the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen, also fresh vs frozen vs canned foods. I love the superfood list because it’s important to give our babies the best nutrition when possible Chapter 2 discusses how to easy it is to cook these healthy meals quickly. Chapter 3 has recipes for 4-6 months olds, which is so important because these are the first real meals they’ve ever had! Chapter 4 covers 7-8 month olds, chapter 5 covers 9-11 month olds, and chapter 6 is about 12-18 month olds. There is a great variety of recipes in here for all ages and they’re really easy to follow. I also have the electronic version of the book so it is SO easy to pull up recipes without having to flip through all of the pages.
  • Homemade healthy baby food made easy!

    By Shaybay85
    Traditional baby food is processed and full of preservatives and sodium, things babies don't need. But I think most people think making homemade baby food is time consuming and hard. This cookbook shows you that it is actually a simple, easy process. It gives you easy to follow recipes to have healthy, homemade baby food you can feel good feeding your baby in just 30 minutes. It includes tips on when to introduce what foods to your baby, and nutrition information you might not know. It also includes a list of the 15 fruits and veggies you should choose the organic versions of due to high pesticide usage. It gives you a tool list of what you will need, teaches you a few easy methods of cooking, and breaks down the recipes by your babies age range. It makes homemade, healthy baby food easy, so you can feed your little one the best.
  • So Simple!

    By mrskstacy85
    This is a great book to get you started making fresh, healthy food for your little one. I really enjoyed all of the information provided about getting started. The book contains everything you need to know, from how to choose the freshest ingredients to the tools and equipment that you need to prepare them. It also eases worries about allergies and food safety because it’s all covered! I particularly loved that details are provided for different stages of baby’s growth and which foods are good to introduce during those stages. The recipes in the book are simple to follow and they can all be prepared ahead of time.
  • Great Recipes for Fresh Baby Foods

    By J. Seigler
    This book features 120 delicious recipes for your child that are healthy and also guides you into storing and keeping your foods safe. I like knowing what my baby is eating and that it is natural and healthy for them. This is the perfect book for any parent with a little one who is ready to be spoon fed.
  • Great Cookbook for Babies

    By catlover1313
    I enjoyed reading this book and learning how to make baby food with just a fewall natural ingredients. They really teach you the ins and outs of food terminology, what food goes together and it's just a fun book to read!! There were somethings I didn't understand but they give you definitions to the cooking world . This would be excellent for any new parents or grand-parents or parents to be. what better way to feed yur baby than to feed themnatural foods that you cna make at home. Save money and help keep your baby healthy by using this awesome cookbook
  • A Healthy Choice for Your Little Ones

    By Aspooky
    This book is packed full of healthier options than prepackaged baby foods. The author provides tons of education to give you the confidence and knowledge needed to feed your baby the absolute best. The recipes easy and super fast. All recipes can be made in 15 minutes or less!!
  • I Love this Book every New Mom should have one

    By linda2b1965
    I was very impressed by thi book. The whole lay out is great. The way they detail everything is wonderful and so easy to follow. The recipes are great , they label them for all allergies or eating styles or diets like vegan , Nut Free, ect ect. I learned some great idea for smoothies also for me.