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  • Hits too close to home

    By bread bowl boi
    May I just say, I love this book- This was my first introduction into the world of Atwood’s speculative fiction, and I must say what I’ve read so far hits too close to home yet I keep reading since it’s so interesting It honestly seems as though America is heading towards a mixture of this and the oryx and crake- And guys, this is just a good read in the first place, like I wholeheartedly recommend this book and it’s sequel I love the way it goes into philosophy and how constraining people’s freedom to the Bible can lead to some very gut wrenching thoughts And it goes into how these constraints can be unrealistic as everyone is different and forcing people into these small boxes can be really harmful because everyone will break them, especially the ones enforcing them
  • So much yessssss!

    By JoNoKelly
    Loved this book! The show on Hulu is great too!
  • Very good, differs from show a bit

    By Subway33
    Very good overall! Differs from the show a good bit so keep that in mind. Very clever and entertaining throughout.
  • wow

    By vaping doesnt make you cool
    this book is amazing !! i have been having trouble finding books that i can’t put down, and this definitely cured me of that. i read it in about 3 days, it is so beautiful. the characters are strong and this book has amazing feminist themes. i would totally recommend this⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • The Handmaids Tale is scary! Too close to home!

    By TLHaywood
    In today’s misogynistic political climate, this book hits WAY too close to home. It is frightening how society crushes women so quickly and turns them into property. Even though it is fiction, it could too easily become fact.
  • Don’t waste your time

    By cjalldayy
    The book was interesting enough until half way through I realized that there wasn’t any real conflict or overall stakes. Our character wasn’t trying to escape or scheming to get more information from the ppl around her. She wasn’t DOING anything, and everything was just happening TO her. She’s a very passive character who doesn’t grow or develop much at all. Which is very disappointing considering the social commentary the book is trying to make. I’ve read better books on dystopian futures with more compelling characters so don’t even bother with this one
  • Excellent But

    By carocross
    Would have liked more info on what happened in Gilead

    By Jackie Uchiha
    I love this book along with Alias Grace!
  • A good read.

    By jilirious
    I was very happy with this book. At first, it struggled to keep my interest, but as I kept reading I found myself obsessively turning the pages—which hasn’t happened in a long time. As a woman, this book was very powerful, and opened up a lot of different thoughts. I would recommend this book, and I am looking forward to watching the movie/series adaptation.
  • The Handmaid’s Tale- A good read

    By Mrs. Cassie
    This book was an easy read as it kept my interest throughout. As a fan of the Hulu series of the same name, I must say their is much that happens in the series that does not happen in the book. For instance, many characters, such as Nick, Luke, Moira and Janine, are overly-glamorized and play larger roles in the series. We often see episodes focusing on these characters points of view whereas the book revolves around the one central character, Offred, and the story is told from strictly her perspective. Many quotes from Offred in the series come from within the book’s pages. The story does leave some loose ends untied and leaves the reader with the option to interpret the ending in different ways. All in all a great read!