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  • Wow

    By 12345qwertfdsa
    Couldn’t put it down. Fabulous writing! I LOVED the “Karen” character OMG. It’s not a light easy read - it’s intense - but so worth it.
  • trust the process

    By stephie hell
    Lovely, just lovely. It does have post-modern structural elements but is not at all precious or self-consciously “meta.” The reader is forced into awkward vantages, and interacting with the narrative is the ultimate “trust exercise” of its title. It’s a sort of prose meditation on the difference between truth and accuracy— though it may demand a bit more than the usual willingness to suspend disbelief, the reward for trusting the process is the feeling that every word is true, eclipsing any small thoughts about illusorily objective fact. NB: I would recommend NOT reading the “sample” as it does not start at the beginning of the novel. When I titled this review, I had entirely forgotten the novel’s title! (Consciously, at least.)
  • Hmmm

    By 4488662
    The first part was engrossing, psychologically captivating with interesting characters. The second part was as if someone else wrote it. One of the very few books (I read a lot) that I simply could not finish. I no doubt missed something that compels others to read on.